A young Chinese infantryman committed suicide in Afghanistan!

There is a big discussion among the Chinese community regarding a young fellow who committed suicide while he is serving in Afghanistan as an infantryman. According to the news, he had been expressing himself being assaulted, discriminated and harassed in the military. As one of the Chinese, first I feel very sorry of his death, but I would like to say more that people have to be very strong as a human being while they are in a foreign country or in a battlefield. I don’t remember how many times I was insulted being a Chinese, especially a broken-English-speaking Chinese; however, it is my choice to stay in this country. I have to learn how to deal with this insult! In fact, only few people in this country are real American, why those insulters are so proud of themselves? From my point of view, they are all egocentric! I am quite sure those people who insult other ethic group also love to insult whoever they don’t like regardless they are or are not from other country. They just love to criticize and develop a habit to belittlement and not appreciate for the nature. That’s why we have WAR in the world!


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