Internet Venting!

Based on the HIPPA law, I deleted my 2 most recently posts. I read an article and noticed that people have gotten trouble from venting their feelings in the internet even without mentioning the name of their patients. I shared the article with my colleague, we all flaked out because most of us love to express our experiences, joys or anger in the facebook and don’t realize that there are management people from the facilities are watching what we are saying online!

I agreed with the risk and deleted my posts; however, it won’t stop me from writing though! I don’t know who have been watching my blog, but I believe some of my friends are watching it periodically.  The man that I mentioned in the deleted posts still alive. I met him in other facilities and both of us were so happy to see each other, thanks God! Does God wants to show me that the outcome might be positive sometimes if our lives are controlling by somebody else? I am enlightened through his survival.


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Gerontological/Adult Nurse Practitioner
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