What is my next goal?

Years ago in 2006, I made a long-term goal to become a Nurse Practitioner before 2012, 40 years old (please review “revision of thinking activities 1.2-1.4 &1.6″). Now I fulfill my goal on time become an Adult/Gerontologly Nurse Practitioner. I have been excited since 6/2/2011, my graduation day from Master Degree. Now, I calm down and feel a little lose again. What should I do next? I have to make up a new long-term goal as soon as possible before my energy completely shut down! In order to keep up my spirit, here I am! I think my first step is to keep on writing something to remind myself.

I am glad that I created this blog which give me a platform to keep a record of the memorandum of events. Thanks for Steve and Professorm from LaGuardia Community College!


About kennis

Gerontological/Adult Nurse Practitioner
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