Article related to my belief

Find an article or Web site related to your belief and answer the following:

TITLE OF ARTICLE OR SITE: Men's Health–Aging Male Syndrome (AMS)

AUTHOR OF ARTICLE OR SITE: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


1. Where did you find this information? Google? Lexis? Someplace else?


2. What words did you use to find your information?


3. How reliable is the information?

3a). What are the main ideas being presented?

This article mainly to provide informations about male menopause (andropause), including the cause, the signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

3b). What reasons or evidence supports the information?

At the end of this article, there is a list of Publications including Food and Drug Administration and Federal Resources that support the information appearing in the article.

3c). Is the information accurate? Is there anything you believe to be false?

I believe the information provides from this article is accurate because the information given in here such as the signs and symptom of the decline in testosterone is matched with what I have learned from my nursing study and also matched with the information I obtain from other reliable sources too. In addition, this article is posted by the a government website, which strengthen the credibility of the information. I believe the information given in this website are all true, that why I use this article as the source of my final project.

3d). Is there anything that you believe has been left out?  

This article mainly talk about Andropause, which support part of my believe. I wouldn't say this article has something been left out but I would be more satisfying if it talks more about how the decline of testosterone makes men look for another women.

4. How reliable is the source of the information?

4a). What is the source of the information?

As I mentioned in question number 3b, the sources of the information provided from this article including Food and Drug Adminstration, Federal Resources, Men's Health Network, etc. We actually can trace the sources of the information by simply click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the article for detail.

4b). What is its format? Article? Website? Both?

It is an article provided by the subtitle website named Womens Health Gov. from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

4c). What are the interests or purposes of the source of this information?

The purposes of the source of this information are allowed people to trace back the original author and verify the credibility of the information. 

4d). How have the interests and purposes of the source of the information influenced the information selected for inclusion? How do you know?

The source of the information gives people an idea about the credibility of the article. The more reliable of the sources, the more people will believe in whatever it said in the article. I know it because the information presented in the article can be tested by contacting the sources or the authors of the information.

4e). How have these interests and purposes influenced the way this information is presented?

Since it is not a persuasive article, it has no pro and con issue appears within this article and no advertising content involved either. It presents a clear information about andropause in a straightforward style.  


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  1. Steve 說道:

    Great article and evaluation! You also might want to explore some of the subscription databases found here:


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