Final Project draft

Please write two paragraphs about the importance of this belief to your life. 

I believe in all men will have certain extent of betrayal to their wives or girl friends when they approach their age of 40-50. There is a lot of evidences show that couples usually having trouble to their marriage during that middle age period. Just in my instant family, I already have four examples to support my belief, my father, two of my brother-in-laws, and my father-in-law are all looking for other women after 40 years old. I have also heard from many of my girlfriends talk about how their partners betray them, no matter how they love each other when they were young. Those women that I know are all good mother or housewives. They respect their husband, teach their children, and fulfill the duty as a wife. Some of them maintain a good appearance although some of them don't. The only or main reason that I can explain is all men are afraid of losing their power in sexual aspect. Since their old partners unable to provide the new excitement to them, they tend to look for the different figures to stimulate their sexual drive. 

Men are incompetent to refuse the temptation of other women, especially the middle age men. First of all, men usually look much younger than their wives when their ages are close to each other. Some men even feel uncomfortable to introduce his wife to his new female friends if their wives look older than them. Some men like lying to other people say that they have not married yet when their wives are not with him in order to give themselves more chances to develop a intimate relationship with the new target. Their behavior seems contagious.  I want to testify this believe because my husband is 40 years old now and I truely feel the subtle change of his behavior such as losing memory, some erection problem and become less interest in sex. I want to know what cause his change. I don't want to terminate my marriage as easier as other couples just because of the problem of misunderstanding to our physical changes.  


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One Response to Final Project draft

  1. professorm 說道:


    Fascinating topic. But be careful to temper your assertions. For example, can you support this claim: Men are incompetent to refuse the temptation of other women… ?

    I’m sure that you can find lots of information from reliable and authoritative sources about aging and male sexuality . Great topic!

    Dr. Piso


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