Revision of Thinking Activities 1.2-1.4 & 1.6

Revision of thinking activities 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 

The reason why I revise these thinking activities is because I didn't finish the assignment, and I would like to complete them to maximize the point. By doing this assignment again, I have learned that I am making my decision even more clear by following the problem-solving steps that I learned from chapter 3. I am more competent to approach my goal systematically.  

Thinking Activity 1.2 

1. Describe as specifically as possible an important longer-term goal that you want to achieve in your life. Your goal can be academic, professional, or personal.

My longer-term goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner because no one in my family or family history were graduated from college; and to become a Nurse Practitioner, I must obtain at least a Master Degree, which is the true level that is considered as a graduated student from college.

2. Explain the reasons that led you to select the goal that you did and why you believe that your goal makes sense.  

The reason why I choose this goal, become a Nurse Practitioner is because I am a registered nurse now with Associate Degree, and I don’t want to lose or give up my knowledge about nursing if I look for something else. I want to keep my knowledge as fresh as possible and as updated as I can. It is very make sense that to select this goal because it is not only a goal for me, but it is what I suppose to do to backup myself to survive in this career, to provide better care to whoever I am taking care of.

3. Identify both the major and minor steps you will have to take to achieve your goal. List your steps in the order in which they need to be taken and indicate how much time you think each step will take. Make your responses as specific and precise as possible.

To achieve the goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner, I actually started my first step in 2000. I got a chance to enter Hostos Community College in Bronx. With the recommendation of one of the Chinese Professor in the school, I was allowed to start and study in the top level of ESL class. With the poor English writing skill that I carried from the high school in Hong Kong and the aggressive hard studying spirit, I learned how to speak in broken American English and passed the English reading and writing exam after one semester. After the intensive ESL class, I chose Nursing as my major, followed the curriculum to study and got all “A” grade for those main prerequisite courses. I completed 30 credits in Hostos College and had enough credits for me to transfer the LaGuardia Community College, which located closer to my living area. With those good grades that I earned from Hostos, I entered the Nursing Program in LaGuardia College smoothly. I completed Associate Degree in Nursing in Dec, 2003 as scheduled and I started working as a registered nurse in 2004. After that I used about one and a half year to earn as much money as I could from the Hospital, working over-time, settled down myself in my job and brought a house as a permanent address. Meanwhile, I got my driver license and I sent my application forms to Hunter College and SUNY Downstate Medical Center to leave myself more options for my future study. After I got the package from both colleges, I compared the course and the credit that both school required and I finally followed the curriculum of SUNY Downstate Medical Center to study. Since I am still missing some humanities classes for the prerequisites that required for the RN-BSN program and I knew that I could take those classes in LaGuardia College, therefore, I start taking classes in LaGuardia College now. I expect that I will finish my BSN in SUNY Downstate Medical Center in year 2008. If there is no obstacle and everything going smoothly, I should be able to obtain the Master Degree and become a Nurse Practitioner in year 2012, my age of 40.

4. Identify some of the sacrifices that you may have to make in the present in order to achieve your future goal.  

Within those years, I already sacrificed a lot. I couldn’t go back to my country to visit my family and my friends because all my money was invested to the tuition fees and books. I wasn’t able to stay with my family or provide any financial support when they were facing the crisis and disaster. I was struggling and stopping myself to think of the difficulties that my family might have during the period of SARS disaster in Hong Kong. In order to save more money, my husband and I moved to a cheaper but dark and moist basement to live. The poor and undesirable living environment destroyed our health, and the argument between my husband and me went on and off. Therefore, after I graduated in 2003, I used two years to break the ice between my husband and me, and also to eliminate any possible financial problem in the coming years. This year, I am ready to go back to school and I expect that I need to sacrifice the chances of taking care of my family again. However, I am sure that I can manage this problem much better than before.

Thinking Activity 1.3

1. Think back on an important decision that you made that turned out well and describe the experience as specifically as possible.

The important decision that I made that turned out well was decided to continue study. I didn't give up my study in college even though my husband and his family wasn't happy with my decision. They thought that I was wasting the time to study something that might not come true, especially when my grade drop as low as C in my nursing course. My husband's friend asked him almost every week that "how long it takes your wife to finish the school?" Now, all of my husband's friends shut their mouths and jealous my husband because they say that my husband gets the most useful wife. 

2 Reconstruct the reasoning process that you used to make your decision. Did you:

2 a). Clearly define the decision to be made and the related issues?    

I realized that my years of experiences were not good enough to find a good job in New York City and multiple languages speaking skill is a must in this City too; therefore, I decided to go back to school and continued the study with tremendous courage. I told myself that if I gave up the opportunity to start study in college, I would never have chance to accomplish my dream to become a graduated college student. 

2 b). Consider various choices and anticipate the consequences of these various choices?     

Besides going back to school, I can also chose to work in somewhere like Chinatown that English is not a big concern and try to get pregnancy and become a mother. The consequences of these choices will be restricted working in the Chinese community, speaking and understanding very limited English for the rest of my life since there is no encouragement or force to push me to learn; I might not be able to provide a good environment for my child to grow or study since my husband and I don't earn much from the lower working class jobs. 

2 c). Gather additional information to help in your analysis?  

The experiences of my sibling give me a lesson that there is not much choice for my life if I don't have a better educational background. My sisters got married when they were 20 years old and they stopped working after they gave birth to their children. After years of marriage, two of my sisters divorced with their husbands because their husband, the only breadwinner in their families couldn't find a better and stable job.  Poor economic support increases the argument between the couples and forced their husbands to look for another women and eventually left my sister and their children. My sisters' family problems give me some inspiration about my future.  

2 d). Evaluate the various pros and cons of different courses of action?     

I didn't use this strategy for my decision making. 

2 e). Use a chart or diagram to aid in your deliberations?   

It is not applicable for my decision making either. 

2 f). Create a specific plan of action to implement your ideas?    

Since my husband wasn't support for my study, I planned to work part-time during the Spring and the Summer breaks to earn my tuition fee and I planned to borrow the student loan in case that I wasn't able to manage working and studying together.  

2 g). Periodically review your decision to make necessary adjustment?   

I did review my decision after each of the semester. I made some adjustments such as taking classes that are less stressful together with the most stressful classes, or rescheduled my time of studying and working, etc. 

Thinking activity 1.4

1. Describe an important decision in your academic or personal life that you will have to make in the near future.

2. Using the five-step decision-making approach we just described, analyze your decision and conclude with your "best" choice. 

*See thinking activity 3.1* 

Thinking activity 1.6 

1. Identify the ten most important accomplishments in your life. From this list of ten, select three accomplishments of which you are most proud. Typically, these will be experiences in which you faced a difficult challenge or a complex problem that you were able to overcome with commitment and talent. 

The ten most important accomplishments in my life are as below and the first three in my list are the one that I am most proud:

1). Obtained Associate Degree in Nursing.

2). Speaking and using other languages to communicate with other people.

3). Being a good role model for my nieces and nephews.

4). Able to function independently.

5). Can have extra money to support my family.

6). Doing well in a country far away from my birthplace.

7). Has many working experiences.

8). Has good reputation from my jobs.

9). Regain the good relationship of my husband and his family

10). Maintain self-discipline 

2. Compose a specific and detailed description of each of the first three accomplishments, paying particular attention to the skills and strategies you used to meet the challenge or solve the problem. 

Accomplishment #1: Obtained Associate Degree in Nursing 

*Please see thinking activity 1.2 for the specific and detailed description of my first accomplishments. 

Accomplishment #2: Speaking and using other languages to communicate with other people 

I never thought that I needed to speak other language to make my life easier when I was in Hong Kong. After I migrated to New York City, I found that only few people spoke Cantonese, majority of Chinese people in this city spoke Mandarin and most of the people were speaking at least two language plus English.  I admired those people and I felt that I was so behind. I used to feel very embarrassing to speak another language because of my accent. In order to overcome the scare of speaking other languages, I forced myself to communicate with the Mandarin speaking and English speaking classmates in school and after school.  I carried the digital dictionary which could pronounce words in Mandarin and English with me all the time. I found myself more opportunities to talk even though I didn’t like to talk much, I chose Nursing as my major because I knew that Nursing required a lot of communication and I would have more chances to speak English and Mandarin (for some reasons there are more Mandarin speaking Chinese studying Nursing than Cantonese speaking Chinese). The more I have spoken the more confidence I have built. After seven years of constant training and speaking in English and Mandarin, I am able to communicate with people in other languages without feeling of embarrassing now. 

Accomplishment #3: Being a good role model for my nieces and my nephews 

As I had mentioned in my blogs that there was no one attended college in my family. My siblings either forced to quit school when they were young or they were discouraged to continue study by their own families’ conditions.  Since my siblings were not well-educated, it was very difficult for them to convince their children to learn. Some of my elder nieces and nephews quitted studying after they finished their high school study because they thought that they were already smarter than their parents, they completed high school but their parents didn’t. They felt that it was impossible for them to continue further education with an undesired high school result. My successful gave them a little hope. I emphasized that they could be a doctor if they wanted and if they didn’t give up. I told them how my education record was and how I studied to achieve my accomplishment. Although not all of my nieces and nephews are following my instructions to go back to school, they are looking for something else to study to back up their knowledge. Some of them are actually using my accomplishment as a milestone to encourage themselves to continue studying hard in school.  

3. After completing the descriptions, identify the abilities that you displayed in achieving your accomplishments.  

The abilities and skills that I display in achieving my accomplishments including:

a). unyielding spirit

b). strong organization skills to arrange time of studying and working

c). able to eliminate the obstacles that I confront

d). able to analyze and solve problems independently 


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