Thinking Activity 5.1 & 5.2

Thinking activity 5.1 

Describe an experience of a perception you had that later turned out to be false, based on subsequent experiences or reflection. Address the following questions:

1. What qualities of the perception led you to believe it to be true?

I used to believe that education is not an important element for survival. I believed luck was more important than everything. I could find a job easily without a degree from college if I worked hard and had the enthusiasm to the job and if I was lucky. Indeed, it was true that I never had problem to seek for a job and most likely to be hired after my first interview. My perception about this world was very simple. There was not much competition involved. I went to the job and the boss liked that I looked cute or stupid or whatever and followed the instruction to work, then I got the job. I wouldn't complaint about the hardship because I liked to work and everything for me was new and excited.

2. How did this perception influence your beliefs about the world?

Since it was quite easy for me to find a job without much education support, I believed that the world always had place for those under-educated people to hang around. I would never be excluded.

3. Describe the process that led you to conclude that the perception was false.

Following the growth of myself, my experience, the technology of the society, and the growth of the world, I find that my perception about "the world is simple" is wrong; and the perception about "education is not an important element of survival" is wrong too. In my generation (18 years ago), there were not many people graduated from the university. If you passed five subjects in your high school record which was what I had, you were already considered above the level of poor education people. I review the jobs that I did and I find that most of my colleague in my job just have the same education background as mine or even lower than mine. Therefore, I didn't have problem to fight for the job and I got the job not because of I was lucky. At that time, I didn't feel any pressure from being ignorant. I had no motivation to push me to learn indeed.

After years, the economy of Hong Kong have declined, most of the jobs require people to have a better education background. Even though you have experience of the job, your boss will still ask you to go back to school to increase your value or to be eliminated through selection or competition with the "new blood". In order to get the job, the new and the young people will demonstrate their ability by using the advance technology to impress your boss. In addition, they are full of energy and ambition that makes me scare. The world is not as simple as used to be. If I don't learn or follow the pace of the world, I won't be able to survive. Education is an important element for me to consolidate my confidence to survive.

Thinking activity 5.2 

Evaluating the Accuracy of Beliefs

1. I believe that essay exams are more difficult than multiple-choice exams.

This belief is generally accurate because it is not easy to express your point clear in an essay form, however, sometimes the multiple-choice exams could be harder than the essay exams depending on the similarity of the choices. Nowadays, most of the state broad exams are in multiple-choice format and the answer most likely are either all correct and require you to pick the best one, or there is a tiny mistake on each of the wrong answer that require you to read them carefully. The multiple-choice exam could be very difficult if the student don't know the topic thoroughly.

2. I believe that longer prison sentences discourage people from committing crimes.

This belief is generally accurate because people are scare of losing their freedom in general but this is not complete true depending on types of crime and how long of the prison sentences for different crime. For instance, if it only takes two years in prison for robbery, it has a greater chance for people to commit this crime again. For those robbers, it is valuable to take this risk to get the instant money to solve their instant financial problem. Even though they are arrested, it only takes away two or few years of their life being in jail, and they know that they still have chance to come back to the society, to survive, or to rob again. They might become smarter and would commit a bigger form of robbery to obtain more money.  

3. I believe that there are more people on the earth today than there were one hundred years ago.

Up to this generation, I would say that this belief still completely accurate because it is really having more people on the earth today than one hundred years ago according to the statistic. The advance technology in medicine keeps the life of people longer and helps people to fight against a lot of life-threatening diseases. However, the lower-birth rate, the war, and those unpredictable disasters create the uncertainty of this belief in the future.

4. I believe "fate" plays an important role in determining life's events.

"Fate" plays an important role in determining life's events is generally not accurate. Most of the time, we are the master of our own life. You can prevent a car accident if you drive carefully; you can get a better grade if you study well and know how to study; you can make a balance between your work and your study if you know how to schedule your time, therefore, fate is only a distraction of your life but shouldn't be an important role of your life. The distracted fate including the natural disaster that might destroy your properties, your family, and affect your life, however, these consequence cause by the fate actually can be recover by yourself, the master of your life.

5. I believe that people have the freedom to change themselves and their circumstances if they really want to.

This belief is completely accurate to me because I believe freedom is not given by other people but given by ourselves. If people want to change themselves and their circumstances, no matter how difficult or how restricted, people still be able to find their method to solve their problem. For example, Islamic girls are not allowed to show more than 10% of their body in public as the law of their country, however, she won't get kill by removing their veil in the other country if she wants to change and leave their original place. Free or not free is controlling by your own.


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3 Responses to Thinking Activity 5.1 & 5.2

  1. professorm 說道:

    Yes, but how will that Islamic woman find the economic or social freedom to leave her country?

    Good work, Kennis. I do have difficulty absorbing your previous belief that education was unimportant, given your current devotion to your studies.

    4 pts.

  2. Kennis 說道:

    They will find their method to leave their country if they really want to be free, just like the Chinese doesn’t like the Communist Party in main land China and flee to America for their new life.

    I am still struggling for my study!

  3. professorm 說道:

    Can you think of specific ways a woman from a country in which travel is prohibited would leave her country? Can you offer realistic solutions that support your belief? Is the life of a woman under the current government in China similar to the life of a woman in a repressive Islamic country?

    (This is just a conversation! Not homework!!)


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