Thinking Activities 3.2 & 3.4

Analyzing an Unsolved Problem (I seperate the question into two parts)

1.  Select a problem from your own life. It should be one that you are currently grappling with and have not yet been able to solve. After selecting the problem you want to work on, strengthen your acceptance of the problem by using one or more of the strategies described on pages 97-99 and describing your efforts.

The problem in my own life has not yet been to solve is to be brave enough to be a mother. I aware that is a problem for me because I am subconsciously avoiding pregnant. Although I haven't taken any birth control pill, I am avoiding sexual activity during those periods of ovulation. I can predict that after I give birth, other problems such as financial problem, child care problem, or educational problem will come up soon if I am not well prepared.

2. Write your analysis in outline style, giving specific responses to the questions in each step of the problem-solving method. Although you might not reach a "guaranteed" solution to your problem, you should deepen your understanding of the problem and develop a concrete plan of action that will help you move in the right direction. Implement your plan of action and then monitor the results.

To get myself ready to be a mother by using the problem-solving method and analysis in outline style:

Step#1: What is the problem?

"I don't want to have a kid" Vs "I am afraid of the consequence of having a kid"

Step #1A: What do I know about the situation?

My situation about avoiding pregnancy is not because I don't want to have children, it is because I am scare that I might not be able to provide good care of my child. I just bought a house last year, my husband and I have no more saving left for the emergency expanse after that. We will get trouble if one of us stops working in case of no body helping us with the child care.

Step #1B: What results am I aiming for in this situation?

I try to eliminate the troubles from getting pregnant.

Step#1C: How can I define the problem?

1). View the problem from the different perspectives:

My perspective: I want to stabilize our financial status before getting a child.

My husband and his family perspective: To get a kid as soon as possible.

2). Identify component problem:

Subproblem a: I have to work harder or double jobs in order to earn more money for the mortgage and the child care.

Subproblem b: My husband and I will stress out.

3). State the problem clearly and specifically.

General: "My problem is I don't want to get pregnant".

More specific: "My problem is I don't want to have a kid before I finish my BSN study".

Most specific: "My problem is getting more financial help and more support for future before I have a child".

Step #2: What are the alternatives?

Step #2A: What are the boundaries of the problem situation?

The boundary of my problem is I cannot or I will not give up my study.

Step#2B: What alternatives are possible within these boundaries?

a). To finish my study as soon as possible, then get a child;

b) To have a child and continue my study, discuss my concern with my husband and my mother-in-law to make sure that I have somebody who is available to take care of my child when I am studying and working.

c) To postpone the graduation day, study part-time and work overtime to earn money for baby sitter.

Step #3: What are the advantages and/or disadvantages of each alternative?

a)  I will get more opportunities after I have BSN degree like moving to the other states that has cheaper house, so that I don't have to work double job and will have more time to take care of my kid. The disadvantage is to sacrifice all my holidays to study.

b) I might get more support from my husband and my mother-in-law; meanwhile, I can have a baby earlier and finish my study on time. I don't have to bother finding anybody else to take care of my kid and no need to waste my time on searching a trustful baby sitter. However, it is unfair to my husband and my mother-in-law. In addition, I might have some conflict with my mother-in-law over the child care method.

c) The advantage of this alternative will be having a kid earlier and doesn't have to bother my mother-in-law too much to take care of my kid. This alternative, however, will make me stress out because it sounds very overwhelming to work, study, and worry how my kid being treated all together.  

Step #4: What is the solution?

I don't like to bother people at all if I can solve my own problems. Both of the above alternatives "b" and "c" requires me to look for somebody else other than my husband to help me. Therefore, I pursue alternative "a" as my solution. I will try to register courses as much as I can for each of the semester to complete my BSN earlier. After that, I will sell my house and move to a cheaper place, save more money and get a better family plan to welcome my kid.  

Step #5: How well is the solution working? What is my evaluation? What adjustment is necessary?

So far I am doing fine for my study and my job because I request working only during weekend and my supervisor schedules the working days that match my request. I still feel overwhelming sometimes if I have too much homework from my classes. I need to re-adjust the time for sleeping and studying since I am losing my ability to focus or to think when I lack of sleep.

Thinking activity 3.4

Analyzing Social Problems

Identify an important local, national, or international problem that needs to be solved. Locate two or more articles that provide background information and analysis of the problem. Using these articles as a resource, analyze the problem using the problem-solving method developed in this chapter.

Child abuse maintains as a serious problem in England and sexual abuse is the major concern among child abuse. In England, Children were taught about "stranger danger" and parents would not allow their children play alone outside, however, pedophilia and child sex abusers use internet as a way of gaining contact with children. "The internet has made abusive images of children more available than ever before", reported by Nottingham Evening Post. 

London School of Economics research shows that 75% of children are using internet at home and most of them use it at school. Child sex abuser can access or contact their target via the internet chatting or website easily. They try to be friendly to the child at first and will lure the child out after they gain the trust of the child. This cyber sexual abuse is difficult to prevent because it starts inside the children's home. There is no clue to notice the crime until the child had an actual physical sexual abuse or until the parents of the children find out the abnormality from the internet. 

The boundary in this problem is we cannot stop the child to use computer or access to the internet, therefore, education about how to define sexual abuse and how to protect against being abuse to the children are important. In addition, the parents also need to know how to detect their child activities on the internet.  According to the UK Newsquest Regional Press, there is a "cyberbeat" project called E-spy established to investigate and track pedophiles.

The child education makes children understanding that sexual abuse can perform as non-verbal and visual form. They will learn how to refuse the lure of the cyber stranger and should never go out alone with somebody who has met from the internet. Through participating in the activities of their children, parents not only benefit from preventing the invasion of sex abuser, but also enhance their relationship with their children through traveling the internet world with their kids. However, there are some controversy or disadvantages of this education and parent's intervention exists. Children might become offensive to the interference of adult. They might feel lack of privacy and chat with their "friends" only when their parents are not around.

Although it is impossible to stop the children using internet to talk with the stranger, it is important to let them know how to protect themselves from harm or to avoid contact with the abuser; and what to do if they suspect somebody who are abuser.  Besides detecting the pedophiles, the E-spy program actually can consider showing the pictures of the arrested abuser and their crime activities to those children's favorite websites; allow children discuss about the awareness of the cyber stranger with their peers.


1. "Internet child abuse clampdown" on October 13, 2005, retrieved from UK Newsquest Regional Press, LexisNexis Academic.

2. "Girl's death led to public outrage" on October 19, 2005, retrieved from Nottingham Evening Post, LexisNexis Academic.


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