Assignment about CCC of New York INC. Webpage.

Look at their Web site: and determine:

1) Who wrote the site?

It is written by Citizens' Committee for Children of New York, Inc., and it is written by a group of people, whose names and positions can be found by clicking in "WHO WE ARE" and then "Contact Us".

2) What kind of information does this site feature?

This web site provides information about children well-being and events that particular happened in New York City. It also provides information such as health insurance coverage for children and child education, etc. We can also know what kind of information provides from this website by looking at the end of the URL. According to William J. Seiler & Melissa L. Beall, the author of "Communication Making Connections", if the last part of the URL is ".org" means this website "influences public opinion and advocates for particular issues."

3) Is the information on the site reliable and why is it reliable or unreliable?

Most of the information on the site is reliable as evidence by finding the sources of the information from the bibliography and the notes at the end of the articles like "New York City Forster Care: Does The Medicaid Per Diem Rate Ensure Access to Care?" and "Child Care Oversight: Assuring Safety, Health and Learning in Early Care and Education Services." However, in article like "Impact of New York City's FY07 Preliminary Budget on Children: January 2006 Financial Plan" shows us a lot of financial data which seems obtaining from the government departments, but the author doesn't indicate where he or she got this statistic data from. As a reader, I have no clue where I can go to confirm what it said here. Therefore, this website contains both reliable and unreliable information.

 4) Is the information recent?

Most informaton provides in this website is recent, between year 2000-2006. It indicates the year either in the bibliography or all over the content of the articles. As for the other information like "Ten Facts About New York City's Children" doesn't show when is the statistic done.

5) What problems might this site help solve?

According to the information from New Reports in this website, it might help to solve problems such as "the need to improve insurance coverage for children in foster care" and "the need to strengthen Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's oversight and technical assistance role".


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One Response to Assignment about CCC of New York INC. Webpage.

  1. Steve 說道:

    This is a fantastic evaluation! You really identified all of the site’s features that make it reliable. I also like how you realized you need to confirm everything to make sure it’s true. This is very sophisticated! Great job!


    -Steven Ovadia


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