Thinking activity 2.8

Working to see different perspectives is crucial in helping you get a more complete understanding of the ideas being expressed in the passages you are reading. Read each of the following passages and then do the following:

1. Identify the main idea of the passage.

The main idea of the first passage in our text p.65 is we should not agree with the pre-selection fertility. The second passage is about the airport "profiling" system that prevent air terrorism provokes the anger of the Middle Eastern heritage, and it creates an offensive stereotyping to people who came from middle eastern countries.

2. List the reasons that support the main idea.

The reason why we shouldn't agree with the pre-selection fertility because it encourages people to discard the undesired reproduction product. By doing so, the imbalance gender phenomenon in the society might be happened. The entire society might become inhumane; and it also makes people psychologically imbalance since they only accept the perfect creature.

The airport security particularly picks on Dr. Hassan and his wife just base on their ethnic identity. In the passage, the author didn't mention whether the security also performed the careful search on other ethnic people. In the news we see everyday, we all know that terrorist are mainly from the middle eastern countries, and the airport profiling system reveals that there is a lot of stereotyping exist in this so-called free society.

3. Develop another view of the main issue.

As I said, the idea of pre-selection fertility encourages an inhumane society. The unfair security check in the airport which stereotypes the middle eastern people will certainly discourage them from visiting the States.

4. List the reasons that support the other view.

When people have more choices of reproduction product, they will definitely like to choose the best product to produce. People like good in nature. For example, there are two carrots in supermarket bin with the same price. One has a hole in the body and the other one is intact and looks fresh, people are more likely to buy the fresh one. Unless there is no more choice, people will always look for the better one and eventually that undesirable carrot will get old and rotten and will be discarded to the garbage bin. Before buying the carrot, people would never think or care about the destiny of that carrot with a hole in it. In other word, they won't be mercy to the undesired goods when they have more chooses. In terms of human life selection, people probably would do the same selection according to what they like. Once they are accustomed to the select and discard behavior, they would not think that discard the undesired embryo is brutal. As a result, the entire society will become inhumane because they don't really think that it is brutal.     

The selective security check in the airport scares foreign people who might want to travel to this country. Firstly, it is a waste of time to go through the security check. Secondly, people come from countries far away have to spend a lot of money on buying flight ticket, and they want to have a happy trip, but not to be discriminated or treated as a terrorist suspect. Instead of coming to this trouble country, people would go somewhere else to enjoy their vacation, and the consequence is decreasing tourism.




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  1. professorm 說道:

    2.8: complete, clear, precise, and accurate work: Evaluation 4 points. I like the carrot comparison.


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