Homework 1.10-1.11 & 2.5

Thinking Activity 1.10

Combatting the "Voice of Criticism"

1. Take a small notebook or pad with you one day, and record every self-defeating criticism that you make about yourself. At the end of the day classify your self-criticisms by category. For example: negative self-criticism about your physical appearance, your popularity with others, your academic ability.

I was sick and got a little fever today. I refused to take any medication because I knew that would make me too drowsy to stay alert in the classes. I felt that my brain couldn't function at all. I was afraid that I would say something wrong in the classes. My face and my lips were so dry and red because of the fever…….I shouldn't blame about that. I was making an excuse to defend myself from ignorant. I only had such a mild fever comparing with my classmates. I found that couple of my classmates sound were sicker than me. They cough, they had a hoarse sound, had more signs and symptoms of illness than me, but they still answer question in the classes. I felt shame and kept quiet. The more I focus on my sickness, the more I felt uncomfortable. I even thought that my hair looked horrible and I wasn't dress properly today. So, can you imagine how strong was my voice of criticism today. It defeated me completely.  

2. Analyze the self-criticisms in each of the categories and try to determine where they came from and how they developed.

The self-criticism comes from the depth of my mind. I know that VOC is not new for me, it just aggravates by the illness. It comes from my ignorant, it comes from the limitation of wording in my mind. This self-criticism probably develops in the process of my learning in the college. I start study in college lately in my age of 28. I feel shame that I know less words than people who are younger than me. Although I am proud of my accomplishments and my experiences, I am scared to expose my unfilled and lack of wording mind. In my life, I have only studied things or vocabulary that I need for my living or for my academic study. I seldom read news or watch TV to back-up my non-academic knowledge.

3. Use the strategies described in this section, and others of your own creation to start fighting these self-criticisms when they occur.

By using the strategies described in the text, I should aware of the voice of criticism before fighting these self-criticism when they occur. I might keep a VOC journal or evaluate what I have done at the end of each day in order to figure out what I have done wrong or in what area I should improve myself. Then, find out methods to strengthen my weaknesses or to elimate the obstacles. I might need to force myself to read something that is not neccessary related to my job or school work. To prevent the VOC getting louder, I also need to keep myself as healthy as possible.

Thinking Activity 1.11

Becoming More Creative

Select an area of your life in which you would like to be more creative. It can be in school, on your job, an activity you enjoy, or in your relationship with someone. Make a special effort to inject a fresh perspective and new ideas into this area, and keep a journal recording your efforts and their result. Be sure to allow yourself sufficient time to break out of your ruts and establish new patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Focus on your creative antennae as you "expect the unexpected," and pounces on new ideas when they emerge from the depths of your creative resource.

In my life, I would like to be more creative in all area, in school, in my job, in relationship with everybody. I just want to be a creative person. I am getting stick by this thinking activity. It seems asking me to write or finish a short-term goal within two days. It is asking to keep a journal recording my effort and the result, and this assignment has to be done by the day after tomorrow. I have only one day to be creative before I post my assignment, however, I am not working tomorrow and I will spend the whole day to study for my exam and to do my homework. So, the only area that I can be creative for today and tomorrow is in my writing assignment. I am trying my effort to be creative enough to get the 4 points from professor. I expect that professor will grade on this assignment and will give me a comment saying that the assignment is not completed!! She might ask me to write something else that can reflect my creativity in detail. Will you, Professor? Please say, "I won't" and don't get angry like ==>  and don't bit me up  !

Thanking Activity 2.5

Analyzing a Belief from different perspectives

Describe a belief of yours about which you feel very strongly. Then explain the reasons or experiences that led you to this belief.

Next, describe a point of view that conflicts with your belief. Identify some of the reasons why someone might hold this belief. A sample student response to this activity can be found on the companion web site.

I strongly belief in ghost. I have heard about ghost or spirit since I was very young. I was living in the rural area with houses scatter among the farms and hills. There was an empty house in my neighborhood. No body would stay overnight because of the existence of the spirit in that house. People who lived there told us that there was a spirit of an old woman asking for food at the midnight.  In the place where I lived, there were lot of people buried in the hills. My family used to wake up early in the morning at 2:00 am to cut the vegetables and sold them fresh to the market. My sister told me that she sometimes saw some white human-shaped spirit appeared in foot of the hill that located close to our farm. Another event happened to me when my entire family first moved from the rural area into an apartment in the suburban area in Hong Kong. I was choked by "somebody" everynight in that apartment. I couldn't sleep in that apartment until my elder sister found me a talisman to wear. After that, the spirit stopped to do harm on me. I feel that ghost is more realistic than the existence of God.

People might say that I am superstition and believe that ghost doesn't exist in the world, just like those people who doesn't believe in God or people just believe in what they find or what they prove. They don't believe that there are spirits exist in this world because they don't actually see it. And there is no picture to show how the spirits look like. Even though there are some pictures grab the feature of the spirit as an evidence, people will argue and say that it is created by the special technique in the dark room or by the special camera lenses.


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One Response to Homework 1.10-1.11 & 2.5

  1. professorm 說道:

    Dear Kennis, (2.5, 1.0 & 1.11)

    Your work is a pleasure to read, full of intellectual creativity. And yes, you are right, it is possible to say that you should choose just one area of your life in which to develop more. If not, then you will continue to criticize yourself more than necessary. For example, you are not too old to be in school: you are mature, you think well, and you are determined. So, please still this negative voice. Second, your English is fine: you have two important languages: please see this as a source of (quiet) pride.
    Finally, I love those little icons at the bottom of your page: very creative ways to help me be more creative.

    About your belief: would you like to research this for your final project? I think it’s a fascinating cross-cultural topic. I’ve noticed that many Asian films are involved with the spirit world.

    Evaluation: excellent reflections: 4 points


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