Post discussing in class on 3/21/2006

Select one of the blogs and spend 10 minutes looking at it with your partner. Then in your blog, write a post discussung:

1) The subject of this blog?

2) Who wrote the blog?

3) Why you should listen to them?

4) The author's point-of-view.

5) If you trust what they are writing (don't trust what they are writing). 


The subjects of this blog: are about flu, Iraq war, Baseball and a movie. The author Matt Welch basically responding to what he read or heard about his surrounding news. In his blog, Matt gives different point-of-view to different events. In his first subject about the flu, he is basically introducing his mother's blog to other people and he is giving a brief summary of what his mother said in her blog. The second subject is about the war in Iraq, Matt expresses that he is neutral, neither support or oppose the war. The rest of Matt's blogs mostly about baseball and sport. He expresses his opinion about the baseball history and the movie…….I am totally lost because I know nothing about baseball and the movie that he mentioned. Therefore, I have no comment about these blogs.   

Listen to them won't get any penalty, right? So why shouldn't listen to them? Listen to them doesn't mean that I believe in what they say. Am I trust him? I might or might not……if I know more about the topics. But I trust that Matt is writing his opinion and he is not asking me to trust him or not.


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