Homework 1.7-1.9

Homework 1.7; 1.8; 1.9  Thinking activity 1.7 Describing your current and future self  

  1. Describe a portrait of yourself as a person. What sort of person are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? In what areas do you feel you are creative?
  2. Describe some of the ways you would like to change yourself.

It is embarrassing to describe myself in front of people and post these descriptions to the website. It makes me feel that I am naked in the internet……..So, I guess you know what kind of person I am now. I am not really shy, but I just feel uncomfortable to talk about my personality in the public. I don’t mind to confess myself to my teacher but I do mind to confess in an area that I don’t know who is watching me. Yes, I am relatively conservative in certain things. Besides, I am a straight and honest person and these could be my strengths and my weaknesses too.

I am creative in an unpredictable area and unpredictable time. My creativity happens depending on my mood and my status of alertness. I can be creative while I am cooking, working or studying. For me, all these three areas are boring and I hate to do all of them, however, I need food, money and knowledge to survive or to live better in this world. Therefore, I become creative and add some fun when I am doing them. For instance, I like preparing food when I am talking to my friend on the phone. Usually my friend will ask me what am I cooking the day, through the conversation; my friend will give me some of her ideas like how to prepare her own food with that meat or certain vegetables, and at the mean time, I get the ideas and combine them with my own cooking method to develop a new recipe.  As per in my job, I teach my patient about their right in a creative way. For example, I had a patient who was alcoholic and he signed consent for chest CT scan but not knowing what he was signing for. I scared him and told him that he just signed a paper that agrees to donate his organs. He immediately being alert from the alcohol and he started to listen attentively about what we were doing on him. The ways that I would like to use to change myself is to learn more, read more and to synchronize with the pace of the world; otherwise I don’t know why I need to change myself. Being knowledgeable, I can find out what I need to change in order to survive.      

Thinking activity 1.8

  1. Describe a creative area of your life in which you are able to express your unique personality and talents. Be specific and give examples.
  2. Analyze your creative area by answering the following questions:

a) Why do you feel that this activity is creative? Give examples.

b) How would you describe the experience of being engaged in this activity? Where do your creative ideas come from? How do they develop?

c) What strategies do you use to increase your creativity? What obstacles block your creative efforts? How do you try to overcome these blocks?                                                            

For now, I think I am able to express my unique personality and talents mainly in my jobs because I have more opportunities to display these unique in the Hospital I work. I am unique because I am the only nurse who can speak Cantonese in the unit that I work. I am special because I have a small stature but I am very strong and able to lift a 200 pounds body.  In North Shore Forest Hills Hospital, a lot of people know about my name because of my unique fast motion and my unique patient care strategy. I do everything quick including respond to the patient’s call and needs. I am smart according to my supervisor. For instance, I will invite my patient who has dementia and always looking for the elevator to leave to help me to do little things like follow and hang me a tower to reduce his boredom while he is hospitalized, meanwhile, we can save staffing from doing one to one observation. In the hospital, some patients are demanding or unreasonable. When patient declares that her hands are not working and needs people to feed her, but she can pick up the phone and move around, I will do a special assessment to help her to resume her independent.  By doing the assessment, I can show my patient that I am concerning about her integrity and mobility, and also makes her no excuse for not being treat well.

I find the strategies that I use in the hospital are creative because I see some of my colleagues are following my strategies to take care of the patient now. Instead of restraining the patient or calling for the patient care assistant to watch those wondering patient, some nurses will sit the patient next to them and give the patient something to do. Those activities give the patient a little sense of accomplishment and freedom.  From my experience, I find that a lot of elderly patient were very active in their life, they hate to be abandoned and become useless. I have seen one of my patients who used to work as a housekeeper. She sits still when her relatives with her, but when nobody with her, she walks around the unit from room to room and tidy up the bedside table of other patients. When nurses try to restraint her in her room, she becomes agitated. I put myself into my patient’s situation and I tell myself that I am not doing wrong things; I only tidy up the place, why I should have been restrained?  Therefore, I start to try some methods to reduce the trouble. The strategy that I use to increase my creativity is to observe constantly. I integrate other people’s method with my own ideas, through trial and error to develop a new method to facilitate our work. Some nurses think that I am crazy and I shouldn’t allow a confused patient to walk around the unit. They criticize my ideas and believe it can cause more troubles if the patient falls down in other areas out of their room. I show them the benefit of my ideas like patient could sleep better at night after having more activities during day and patient actually are more willing to express their feelings to me than other nurses. Although the patient is confused, I can reorient him frequently while the patient staying close to me all the time.  Once I can prove the benefits, my colleagues stop arguing at least in front of me.

Thinking activity 1.9

 Identifying Creative Blocks Reflect on your own creative development, and describe some of the fears and pressures that inhibit your own creativity. For example, have you ever been penalized for trying out a new idea that didn’t work out? Have you ever suffered the wrath of the group for daring to be different and violating the group’s unspoken rules? Do you feel that your life is so filled with responsibilities and the demands of reality that you don’t have time to be creative?  

I do have some fears and pressures that inhibit my own creativity. I am afraid that my ideas will be rejected by other people and people might laugh at me and think that I am silly. Fortunately, I have never been penalized for trying out a new idea that didn’t work out and I have never suffered the wrath of the group of daring to be different and violating the group’s unspoken rules. I always feel that my life is filled with responsibilities and the demands of reality, but I don’t feel that I have no time to be creative because creative happens suddenly; sometimes it takes a few second to be happened. So I won’t say that I don’t have time to be creative, but I need more time to perform those creative ideas.        


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