A young Chinese infantryman committed suicide in Afghanistan!

There is a big discussion among the Chinese community regarding a young fellow who committed suicide while he is serving in Afghanistan as an infantryman. According to the news, he had been expressing himself being assaulted, discriminated and harassed in the military. As one of the Chinese, first I feel very sorry of his death, but I would like to say more that people have to be very strong as a human being while they are in a foreign country or in a battlefield. I don’t remember how many times I was insulted being a Chinese, especially a broken-English-speaking Chinese; however, it is my choice to stay in this country. I have to learn how to deal with this insult! In fact, only few people in this country are real American, why those insulters are so proud of themselves? From my point of view, they are all egocentric! I am quite sure those people who insult other ethic group also love to insult whoever they don’t like regardless they are or are not from other country. They just love to criticize and develop a habit to belittlement and not appreciate for the nature. That’s why we have WAR in the world!

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Nursing Skill Video References


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Internet Venting!

Based on the HIPPA law, I deleted my 2 most recently posts. I read an article and noticed that people have gotten trouble from venting their feelings in the internet even without mentioning the name of their patients. I shared the article with my colleague, we all flaked out because most of us love to express our experiences, joys or anger in the facebook and don’t realize that there are management people from the facilities are watching what we are saying online!

I agreed with the risk and deleted my posts; however, it won’t stop me from writing though! I don’t know who have been watching my blog, but I believe some of my friends are watching it periodically.  The man that I mentioned in the deleted posts still alive. I met him in other facilities and both of us were so happy to see each other, thanks God! Does God wants to show me that the outcome might be positive sometimes if our lives are controlling by somebody else? I am enlightened through his survival.

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What is my next goal?

Years ago in 2006, I made a long-term goal to become a Nurse Practitioner before 2012, 40 years old (please review “revision of thinking activities 1.2-1.4 &1.6″). Now I fulfill my goal on time become an Adult/Gerontologly Nurse Practitioner. I have been excited since 6/2/2011, my graduation day from Master Degree. Now, I calm down and feel a little lose again. What should I do next? I have to make up a new long-term goal as soon as possible before my energy completely shut down! In order to keep up my spirit, here I am! I think my first step is to keep on writing something to remind myself.

I am glad that I created this blog which give me a platform to keep a record of the memorandum of events. Thanks for Steve and Professorm from LaGuardia Community College!

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Capstone Presentation

NURS 768 Powerpoint presentation

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Article related to my belief

Find an article or Web site related to your belief and answer the following:

TITLE OF ARTICLE OR SITE: Men's Health–Aging Male Syndrome (AMS)

AUTHOR OF ARTICLE OR SITE: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


1. Where did you find this information? Google? Lexis? Someplace else?


2. What words did you use to find your information?


3. How reliable is the information?

3a). What are the main ideas being presented?

This article mainly to provide informations about male menopause (andropause), including the cause, the signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

3b). What reasons or evidence supports the information?

At the end of this article, there is a list of Publications including Food and Drug Administration and Federal Resources that support the information appearing in the article.

3c). Is the information accurate? Is there anything you believe to be false?

I believe the information provides from this article is accurate because the information given in here such as the signs and symptom of the decline in testosterone is matched with what I have learned from my nursing study and also matched with the information I obtain from other reliable sources too. In addition, this article is posted by the a government website, which strengthen the credibility of the information. I believe the information given in this website are all true, that why I use this article as the source of my final project.

3d). Is there anything that you believe has been left out?  

This article mainly talk about Andropause, which support part of my believe. I wouldn't say this article has something been left out but I would be more satisfying if it talks more about how the decline of testosterone makes men look for another women.

4. How reliable is the source of the information?

4a). What is the source of the information?

As I mentioned in question number 3b, the sources of the information provided from this article including Food and Drug Adminstration, Federal Resources, Men's Health Network, etc. We actually can trace the sources of the information by simply click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the article for detail.

4b). What is its format? Article? Website? Both?

It is an article provided by the subtitle website named Womens Health Gov. from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

4c). What are the interests or purposes of the source of this information?

The purposes of the source of this information are allowed people to trace back the original author and verify the credibility of the information. 

4d). How have the interests and purposes of the source of the information influenced the information selected for inclusion? How do you know?

The source of the information gives people an idea about the credibility of the article. The more reliable of the sources, the more people will believe in whatever it said in the article. I know it because the information presented in the article can be tested by contacting the sources or the authors of the information.

4e). How have these interests and purposes influenced the way this information is presented?

Since it is not a persuasive article, it has no pro and con issue appears within this article and no advertising content involved either. It presents a clear information about andropause in a straightforward style.  

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Final Project draft

Please write two paragraphs about the importance of this belief to your life. 

I believe in all men will have certain extent of betrayal to their wives or girl friends when they approach their age of 40-50. There is a lot of evidences show that couples usually having trouble to their marriage during that middle age period. Just in my instant family, I already have four examples to support my belief, my father, two of my brother-in-laws, and my father-in-law are all looking for other women after 40 years old. I have also heard from many of my girlfriends talk about how their partners betray them, no matter how they love each other when they were young. Those women that I know are all good mother or housewives. They respect their husband, teach their children, and fulfill the duty as a wife. Some of them maintain a good appearance although some of them don't. The only or main reason that I can explain is all men are afraid of losing their power in sexual aspect. Since their old partners unable to provide the new excitement to them, they tend to look for the different figures to stimulate their sexual drive. 

Men are incompetent to refuse the temptation of other women, especially the middle age men. First of all, men usually look much younger than their wives when their ages are close to each other. Some men even feel uncomfortable to introduce his wife to his new female friends if their wives look older than them. Some men like lying to other people say that they have not married yet when their wives are not with him in order to give themselves more chances to develop a intimate relationship with the new target. Their behavior seems contagious.  I want to testify this believe because my husband is 40 years old now and I truely feel the subtle change of his behavior such as losing memory, some erection problem and become less interest in sex. I want to know what cause his change. I don't want to terminate my marriage as easier as other couples just because of the problem of misunderstanding to our physical changes.  

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